Many couples opt for IVF (In-vitro Fertilisation) when they are unable to conceive naturally. In the IVF procedure, there are many steps involved; each step needs to be done carefully to ensure a successful pregnancy. Get IVF treatment from the best IVF centre in Punjab for effective and reliable treatment. In IVF, the eggs are first retrieved from the women and fertilised with the washed and prepared sperm in the laboratory. When the egg is fertilised, it becomes an embryo. The doctors evaluate the right time and transplant the embryo. Now, embryo transfer is a crucial point in IVF. 


Embryo transfer fills the couple with a lot of excitement and fear at the same time. Fear of not knowing whether it will succeed or not, and excitement about getting pregnant. There are some things that you can do to ensure embryo transfer success. You need to take some precautionary steps. So, this article entails a list of things that you must do after embryo transfer. 

Things You Must Do After Embryo Transfer

Make sure you do the following things to enhance your chances of a successful embryo transplant:

Avoid Stress

Although this may not seem too important, stress can be very harmful for the body if not managed properly. Stress can mentally affect you, and it has numerous physical consequences. When the person is stressed, the body releases various hormones to cope with the stress. These hormones can disturb your balance and cause issues. Thus, manage your steps and get the treatment from the best IVF centre in Bathinda; knowing you have consulted from the right place will reduce your stress to a great extent.

Besides this, take other measures, do low-impact exercise, meditate, do things you love, and spend quality time with your partner and family. Doing these things will make you happy and instil positive thoughts in your mind, thereby reducing stress and its ill effects. Thus, ensure to reduce your stress and be optimistic. 

Continue Your Medications

We understand it can be tempting for you to stop taking your medicines after the embryo transfer, but it is crucial not to do any such thing. You should not stop taking your medicine without the doctor’s advice. Do so only if the doctor suggests it. Consult an experienced doctor from the best IVF centre in Punjab to provide you with the right guidance.

In order for you to get pregnant, it is crucial that the embryo stays implanted in the uterus. Thus, you may be advised to continue taking progesterone. It is an important hormone used to sustain pregnancy, and hence, you may have to keep taking it even a few days or weeks after embryo transfer. 

Eat Healthy Diet 

If everything goes according to the plan and it turns out to be successful, you will need to improve your diet, although you must eat a healthy diet throughout the IVF treatment. Healthy eating should be a lifestyle choice and should not just be adopted in case of treatment or issues. A balanced diet must include necessary carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins, proteins, minerals, Omega-3, calcium, and many more. Also, ensure that you drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Besides water, you can drink coconut water, milk, or other unsweetened juice, and you can curtail the consumption of sugary drinks.

You must consult the best IVF centre in Bathinda and get a diet plan from the nutritionist to follow throughout your pregnancy. A healthy body can be your best mechanism against all diseases, infections and other germs. The right food can strengthen your immunity and make you strong. Thus, make sure you eat the right food in the right quantity.

Take Rest But Be Active

It is suggested that you rest, but this does not mean you have to be on complete best rest. It also hampers your chances of successful embryo transfer. Ensure that you stay active by doing some minimal light exercise like walking. Keep yourself happy, do things you like, watch your favourite series, do self-care practices and more. Avoid doing heavy workouts or cardio. Listen to your body; if something is bothering you and you are able to handle it, leave it, talk to someone or spend time with family. Stay happy, be a little active, and rest properly. 

Take It Easy

We understand it can be difficult for you to wait. There is a two-week waiting period after embryo transfer to determine whether or not it is successful. Although these two weeks can feel like ages, you need to take it easy on yourself. Be optimistic, be happy, do not take stress and worry anxiously. Take it easy on yourself, and everything will turn out right. 


Although embryo transfer’s success is not entirely in your hands, you can take small steps that can enhance your chances of success. Consult the best IVF centre in Bathinda for reliable treatments and take steps such as eating healthy, staying a little active, getting proper rest, reducing stress, continuing to take your medicines, and taking them easy on yourself. Everything will be alright.