Businesses and commercial places have their own set of requirements that set them apart from residential spaces. They need to be attractive, appealing, sturdy, and durable, all at the same time. They need to be aesthetically appealing as well as practical and affordable.

There are certain materials which are better suited as commercial floor tiles as compared to others. Let us have a look at why commercial tiles are necessary for your business and what the term encapsulates.

What is a cement/commercial tile?

Commercial floor tiles are available in various options, one of which is cement tiles. Cement tiles are hard floor tiles that are different from ceramic tiles as they are not made from clay and are not kiln-fired. They are made of various mixtures including ingredients such as powdered minerals, sand, cement, and colour pigments which then are poured into various moulds.

These moulds are compressed with 2000 pounds of pressure making them durable and resilient. These tiles are excellent for all kinds of commercial uses including usage in cafes, hotels, restaurants, resorts, hospitals and office buildings.

Here is a list of reasons why you should invest in commercial floor tiles for your business. Having good commercial flooring materials and using them in your business will surely help the workers as well as customers.

  1. Stylish and Eye-catching

Commercial tiles are available in a variety of patterns, colours, designs, and textures which make them highly versatile as well as customizable. You can choose from various patterns including mosaic, geometric design, floral patterns, oriental designs and many more. These tiles will surely make your space look appealing and attractive.

  • They are Efficient

Commercial tiles are more efficient as compared to regular style tiles in commercial settings. They will bring higher customer satisfaction and will also lead to an overall happy, safe and secure vibe. They will make your workers happy as the workers will understand that you understand their safety and care for it.

  • Water Resistance and Durability

As commercial tiles are made out of a mixture of sand, aggregate and cement, these tiles are durable and can tolerate heavy footfall and traffic. They do not wear out quickly and will stay good and like new for a long time.

Another factor that makes commercial tiles great is their water resistance. Water resistance is a crucial factor in commercial spaces such as cafes, restaurants and hospitals. Commercial tiles can fight water damage and other connected issues such as mildew, mould and cracks.

  • Easily Replaced

Commercial spaces such as cafes and restaurants often want to update their look from time to time. Commercial tiles such as cement tiles are best for such businesses as they can be updated with ease. It is quite easy to remove, and re-install cement tile as compared to poured concrete or hardwood flooring.

  • Can Tolerate Heavy Footfall

Businesses such as hospitals and restaurants have heavy foot-traffic as customers go throughout the day. Regular, non-commercial tiles will not be able to withstand such heavy footfall but commercial tiles can. Heavy footfall will not lead to damage such as fading, wearing off of the colour, cracks, etc. if you use commercial tiles.

  •  Say Bye-bye to Injuries and Accidents

Commercial tiles can bring down the rate of injuries and accidents in your workspace. They can enhance the safety of your business as they can reduce the chance of falling, slipping and tripping. You are less likely to drop on a commercial tile as compared to a regular tile.

  • Reduced Noise and Improved Air Quality

By installing commercial tiles you can reduce the number of allergens and contaminants in the air making it more suitable for work and workers. Similarly, it can reduce complaints and similar noises making your workplace a much better and more productive workspace.

  • Easy and Cost-Efficient Maintenance

Commercial tiles are easy to maintain. Commercial business owners often pay a significant part of their hard-earned cash in maintenance. Commercial tiles are easy to clean, they are durable and look good with minimal cleaning, making them ideal for any commercial space.


Thus, commercial floor tiles, thanks to their style and durability, are the best tiles for any commercial space. They can surely enhance the look as well as the safety of your business in no time.