As will be discussed below, it depends on the kind of baggage you lost and where it was lost (plane, ticket counter, gateway area, or another section of the airport).

In the event that your checked luggage disappears or is delayed, you need to act quickly.

File a Problem Report/Delayed Baggage Report and notify a Spirit representative at the airport’s Baggage Care Center or Baggage Claim area.

Ask a Spirit representative for help at the airport if you are unable to locate the office.

For local flights, the Incident Record must be submitted within four hours after arrival. For international flights, it must be submitted within twenty-one days.

A File ID will be provided to you when filing the Incident Report.

In the unusual event that items are lost from your checked bag, proceed as follows.

You have to notify if you leave an unchecked bag at the gate area, Spirit’s ticket office, or onboard.

You have to get in touch with the spirit airlines lost and found Property Office at the airport if you’re in any other area.

After being recovered, your Spirit Airways lost and found belongings will be given back to you as soon as possible. You will also receive reimbursement for any reasonable costs you incurred including the Spirit baggage fee. If you apply because of the delay in obtaining your luggage.


Will I Receive Compensation from Spirit Airlines for Lost Baggage?

Yes, according to American law, Spirit Airlines must pay you back for your luggage and its contents. For flights that are both domestic and international, there are different maximum culpability amounts for missing baggage. The exact value will depend on your claim.

The cost of your checked baggage will be covered.

You may also make a claim for justified transitional expenses during the delay, up to the aforesaid liability limitations.

Clothing and toiletry costs are examples of personal expenses that may be included in the intermediate expenses due to the delay.

Photographic copies are not going to be accepted in lieu of original receipts for requesting compensation.

Spirit may require that you return the products you purchased in order to receive reimbursement.

The refund you have previously received will be subtracted from the total settlement amount in the event that your bag is declared missing. spirit airlines lost and found helps to get the lost things.

How to Report an Event or Delayed Baggage to Spirit Airlines?

The procedures listed below can be used to submit an incident report to Spirit Airlines:


Head to the baggage claim or baggage service area of the airport.

Tell a Spirit Agent that your luggage is still missing.

An incident report or delayed baggage report must be completed.

For an international flight, the Incident Report must to be completed within 21 days of arrival, and within 4 hours of arriving for a domestic flight within the United States. You will not be permitted to submit a claim if the report is not submitted in the allotted period.

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Following the submission of the Incident Report, you will be sent a Baggage Irregularity Receipt. That includes information about the Spirit claims procedure as well as a File ID that you will need to trace your luggage and, if needed, file a claim.

How to Register with Spirit Airlines for a Baggage Claim?

You must submit an online claim at Claim in order to be eligible for reimbursement for luggage delay, damage, loss, or theft. The online claim form, sometimes referred to as the Spirit Airways Lost and Found Form.

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Needs to be filled out completely and contain all necessary paperwork. Including receipts for any claimed items with a claimed value of USD 50 or more. These receipts serve as proof of purchase. Spirit Flight Status helps to know on the flight.

The steps listed below can be used to lodge an online baggage claim:

      Visit Claim to access Spirit’s Baggage Service website.

      Enter the File ID and your last name.

      Press the login button.

      Choose to Create an Online Claim.

      As you follow the prompts, enter the necessary information.

      Include supplementary documents, like:

      Receipts for items that were claimed

A picture ID (passport or driver’s license) that was issued by the government

      Click the Submit key.