Toronto is a vibrant, multicultural city known for its diversity, arts, and cultural scene. When it comes to your exhibition stand design in Toronto for trade show or conference, taking inspiration from the city itself can help capture attendees’ attention and show your understanding of the local market. Here are some ideas for incorporating Toronto’s culture and landmarks into your stand design:

Reflect the Diversity

Toronto prides itself on being one of the most diverse cities in the world, with over half the population born outside of Canada. Reflecting this diversity through imagery, colors, and materials in your stand design is a great way to acknowledge the local culture.

Pictures of different neighborhoods, community banners, or flags from various ethnic groups can help showcase Toronto’s multicultural identity. You could also incorporate a variety of cultural elements into your graphics, from Chinese or South Asian motifs to Caribbean colors and patterns.

Highlight Local Landmarks

Toronto is home to many iconic landmarks that visitors love. Incorporate silhouettes or pictures of landmarks like the CN Tower, Casa Loma, Old City Hall, or St. Lawrence Market into your graphics.

Having these local landmarks as a backdrop or featured on your pop-up banner helps establish a sense of place. You could also emphasize your connection to the city through pictures of your office or team at these landmarks.

People will appreciate you celebrating Toronto attractions that they recognize and visit themselves.

Showcase Neighborhood Flair

Beyond the downtown core, Toronto has many vibrant and distinct neighborhoods. Highlighting some of these communities through imagery gives attendees a taste of Toronto’s neighborhood culture.

The graffiti alleys and street art of Parkdale and Graffiti Alley, colorful shop fronts of Kensington Market, and eclectic Victorian houses of The Annex are all unique neighborhood features.

You could print photos of these areas or design graphics for your trade show booth design inspired by their aesthetics. Including neighborhood, names helps attendees better picture your proximity and connection to the local culture.

Feature Local Cuisine

Toronto is renowned for its diverse array of multicultural restaurants and cuisines. Showcasing some iconic Toronto dishes is a delicious way to inspire visitors. Graphics of peameal bacon sandwiches, butter tarts, Jamaican patties, or banana spring rolls tantalize taste buds.

You could even offer small food samples related to your brand. Have menus from local restaurants you’ve partnered with available as well. Highlighting the city’s celebrated food scene is a memorable touch that gets attendees excited about exploring dishes they may try afterward.

Emphasize Arts & Culture

Art and culture thrive in Toronto, from indie theaters to galleries. Incorporate images of street art, murals, Ontario Place, or sculptures from parks like Chestnut or Trinity Bellwoods. Pull inspiration from Toronto’s thriving arts neighborhoods too, like the Distillery District or Graffiti Alley.

You could decorate your stand with original artwork from local artists, or print graphics featuring murals visitors will recognize. In your custom exhibition stand build dressing up with cultural imagery gets attendees to view your brand as part of Toronto’s creative landscape.

Utilize Local Materials

Source materials, plants, and decor locally whenever possible for your stand design. Upping the visual impact are greenery like ferns, hostas, or peonies commonly seen in Toronto gardens. Incorporate wood, brick, or stone that echoes Toronto’s architecture.

Drape your exhibition display contractors in fabric sporting local prints or patterns from Ontario design studios. Local beverage makers may supply sample-size drink bottles that double as decor. Having environmentally sourced, local materials lends your stand authenticity and supports city businesses.

Partner with Neighborhood Spots

Partnering with locally-loved cafes, restaurants or landmarks is a unique collaboration opportunity. Contact unique spots near your office and negotiate branded photography of your team there, in exchange for promoting their business to attendees.

Displaying visual imagery of your brand’s connection to beloved Toronto locations is memorable. You could also offer guests nearby venue recommendations or samples from partner spots. Collaborating in this way strengthens your status as a valued local brand.


Tap into iconic landmarks, vibrant neighborhoods, rich culture, delicious cuisine, and thriving arts for your exhibition stands. It will definitely help you connect on a local level.


Showcasing elements attendees instantly recognize from the city itself demonstrates your understanding and investment in Toronto. An exhibit anchored in local culture and community captures the unique spirit of the city. It gives your brand visibility and credibility as being inspired by Toronto.